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Dopeshopes is an infotainment website with the information which is very rarely available, in a full entertainment manner. Join the Dopeshopes community today and enjoy the difference on internet.

Dopeshopes is India’s rising infotainment portal launched in December 2016.

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Author archive for Amey123

  • Aug072017
    indian advertisements

    13 Indian Print Advertisements to Entertain your Intellect

    Many think of marketing as a boring white collar job, but when advertisers decide to use humor and intellect as…

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  • Aug072017
    brain training app

    Brain Training Apps to Keep your Mind Fit

    There’s certainly no shortage of apps that claim to boost your brainpower by having you pop numbered balloons or drop…

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  • Aug072017
    horror movies

    9 Ramsay Horror Movies to make you go ROFL

    It’s a calm moonless night. The winds suddenly begin howling. You can hear the creaking of doors and windows around…

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  • Aug072017

    Eating for the Fire: 7 Spicy Food Challenges to Burn You

    Ever dreamed of a never-ending river of chocolate? Wanted to have a burger bigger than your arm? A three-course meal…

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  • Jul272017

    Beer FTW: AP Minister shares our love for a chilled one

    Recently Andhra Pradesh excise minister KS Jawahar was recorded as saying that beer was a “health drink” just as toddy…

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