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Dopeshopes is an infotainment website with the information which is very rarely available, in a full entertainment manner. Join the Dopeshopes community today and enjoy the difference on internet.

Dopeshopes is India’s rising infotainment portal launched in December 2016.

Dopeshopes is developed and also maintained by the rising creative digital agency CodEye Technologies, which is also the web partner of Dopeshopes.


  • Apr192017

    10 Motivational Startups Quote that you Should read At least Once

    Almost everyone wants to do something of their own , but not everybody succeeds with their ideas. But sometimes your…

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  • Mar182017

    10 Tips to make sure your startup doesn’t fail

    You have a great idea and are ready to begin building your business, but how do you know where to…

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  • Mar112017

    8 Miracles your belly button can do

    You don’t have an idea what miracles your belly button can do.If you can‘t find any solution to get rid…

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  • Feb242017

    11 Lessons From Lord Shiva You Can Apply To Your Life

    There is a reason Shiva is called ‘The Devo ke Dev-Mahadev’. The tranquil-looking lord can turn into a destroyer, and…

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  • Feb182017

    5 iconic movies which will inspire you to build your own brand

    Cinema has always provided us with the much-needed escape from reality. A good movie manages to excite and engage us,…

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  • Feb012017

    8 Ways of Keep Your Hair Shiny With Some Easy hacks

    Everybody wants to keep their hair healthy and shiny. We actually spend a lot of money in salons , shampoos,…

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  • Nov262016

    Changes happens when you Quit Smoking

    Quit Smoking Its never too late.The effects of quitting start to set in immediately.Stopping smoking for a couple of weeks…

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  • Nov262016

    11 Things you should learn from Chankaya about Life

    We all have been listening About Chanakya since our childhood. Some of his other names are Kauṭilya & Vishnugupta. As…

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