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Dopeshopes is an infotainment website with the information which is very rarely available, in a full entertainment manner. Join the Dopeshopes community today and enjoy the difference on internet.

Dopeshopes is India’s rising infotainment portal launched in December 2016.

Dopeshopes is developed and also maintained by the rising creative digital agency CodEye Technologies, which is also the web partner of Dopeshopes.


  • Aug202017
    banned android apps

    ‘Ban’dit on Play Store

    Not all apps were created equal; some were banned by Google Play store. So we got together a list of…

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  • Mar202017

    20 Genius life hacks to simplify your everyday task and make your life easier

    It is never enough of amazing hacks and tricks that will make your life easier. We have already presented a…

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  • Feb202017

    5 Hidden Facts of Facebook Messenger

    1. Open Source Good news for those who managed to resist the trends and don’t have a Facebook account: you…

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  • Feb062017

    Toothpaste Hack to ease your Daily Life Struggle

    We never knew that small and daily use things can actually make our life very easy and with some little…

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  • Feb042017

    8 Important Uses of Vodka

    1. Keep Flowers Fresh Add a teaspoon of vodka and sugar to the water in the vase. This mixture will…

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  • Jan282017

    Important Life Hacks

    Everybody has a busy life these days , so here are some hacks by Dopeshopes to help you in day…

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  • Nov262016

    Weirdest Laws In the WORLD

    Someone has rightly said that this world is strange. And probably that why we have Strange people and Weird laws…

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  • Nov262016

    6 Important Benefits of Green Coffee

    A little add on to your diet plan can help your body with many things like reduction of stuborn fat…

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  • Nov262016

    11 Things you should learn from Chankaya about Life

    We all have been listening About Chanakya since our childhood. Some of his other names are Kauṭilya & Vishnugupta. As…

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  • Nov262016

    11 Most Common Indian Superstitions

    In India , there is a huge list of both do’s and don’ts. Surely these superstitions are still a part…

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