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Dopeshopes is an infotainment website with the information which is very rarely available, in a full entertainment manner. Join the Dopeshopes community today and enjoy the difference on internet.

Dopeshopes is India’s rising infotainment portal launched in December 2016.

Dopeshopes is developed and also maintained by the rising creative digital agency CodEye Technologies, which is also the web partner of Dopeshopes.


  • Sep032017
    indian comfort food

    Desi Soup For the Soul: Indian Comfort Food to the Rescue

    We eat to live and sometimes (most of the times, in my case) we live to eat. In the hustle…

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  • Jul152017

    Keeping the Monsoon Maladies at Bay (Top 5 foods to keep you fit in the Rains)

    The scent of the earth after the pitter-patter rain, a piping hot cup of ‘chai-pakore’, a longing for some chaat…

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  • May142017

    Love quotes

    Ke mohobbat ek ehsaason ki paawan si kahaani hai… kabhi kabira deewana tha kabhi meera diwaani hai… Yahaan sab log…

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